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Salmon & Steelhead

Since 1992, several species of salmon and steelhead that migrate from Idaho to the ocean have been listed as either endangered or threatened under the ESA. Sockeye Salmon were listed as endangered in 1992, Chinook salmon listed in 1993 (two runs of Chinook, spring/summer, and fall), and steelhead, which are a form of seagoing trout, listed as threatened in 1998. All of these species are anadromous, meaning they are seagoing. Salmon and steelhead migrate from Idaho and other Northwest states through the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean, and return to their native rivers and creeks to spawn and continue the cycle.

Many factors are to blame for the reduction in salmon and steelhead including hydroelectric dams along the river, habitat loss, pollution and harvest.

Pacific Coast Salmon Recovery Funds (PCSRF) Round 17 Solicitation

The Pacific Coast Salmon Recovery Board is pleased to announce Round 17. There is approximately $4.0 million available to fund the best projects benefitting Idaho’s anadromous fish. Project proposals will be accepted until midnight, November 15, 2014. Each applicant must select and complete the appropriate application from the choices below, as well as a a project budget and a statement of source for the required 33.3% non-federal match or 25% total project (75%/25%). For example, if your total project cost is $200,000 and you are applying for $150,000 in federal funds, you must identify $50,000 in appropriate non-federal match. 33.3% of $150,000 is $50,000.

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