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Five separate species of snails that reside in the main stem, or in tributaries or springs flowing into the Middle Snake River in Idaho, were listed in 1992 as either Endangered or Threatened under the ESA:

  • Bliss Rapids snail (Threatened)
  • Banbury Springs lanx (Endangered)
  • Idaho springsnail (Endangered)
  • Snake River physa snail (Endangered)
  • Utah valvata (Endangered)

After years of research and analysis, OSC and others have decided to petition the USFWS to de-list three of the five snails: the Idaho springsnail, the Utah valvata, and the Bliss Rapids snail. All three petitions are currently undergoing the review process.

Bruneau Hot Springsnail

The Bruneau hot springsnail was listed as Endangered in 1998 and resides in portions of the Bruneau River and its tributary Hot Creek. A decline in the population of the species is attributed to low flows from the geothermal aquifer emanating from springs at Hot Creek. A recovery plan was developed in 2002 with assistance from the Bruneau Hot Springsnail Committee, comprised of local, state and federal interests, with the overall goal of conserving geothermal groundwater for adequate flows from Hot Creek. See below for related fact sheet.

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