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Yankee Fork Watershed - Habitat Improvement Efforts

In order to meet targets designed to mitigate for hydropower operations on the Snake and Columbia rivers, OSC, Federal, Tribal, State, and local partners are collaborating to improve habitat on the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River.  The J.R. Simplot Company is partnering with various agencies and organizations (such as Trout Unlimited) to make this project possible.

In the fall of 2012, OSC implemented the Pond Series 3 Side Channel Project (PS-3) at the request of the group.  Construction operations were completed on November 17, 2012.  OSC anticipates publishing a Request for Proposal for additional re-vegetation work on the PS-3 project site.  Check back on this web page for updates as they become available.

In the 2013-2014 timeframe, OSC expects one to four additional projects and based upon need, will work with the partners to implement them.

The project area is located on the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River above Dredge Camp, below the Dredge.

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Bureau of Reclamation: Yankee Fork Rehabilitation Project

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