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Our Mission

The Idaho Governor’s Office of Species Conservation (OSC) is dedicated to planning, coordinating and implementing the State’s actions to preserve, protect and restore species listed as candidate, threatened and endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). This work is done in coordination with the State’s natural resource agencies and input from the citizens of Idaho, while taking into consideration the economic vitality of the State. The OSC provides constituent services for state, federal and private stakeholders seeking assistance with ESA issues.

Our Vision

OSC seeks to proactively provide leadership and guidance for constituents including state, federal, and private stakeholders, seeking assistance with the conservation of rare and declining species, and recovery and delisting of threatened, endangered and candidate species under the ESA.


  • Governor Little signs Executive Order 2022-03

    Governor Little signed Executive Order 2022-03: Adopting Idaho’s 2021 Sage-Grouse Management Plan and Idaho Sage-Steppe Mitigation Principles. The 2021 Idaho Plan is a result of collaborative work, aimed at meeting the needs of sage-grouse while respecting Idaho’s economic vitality and its people’s way of life. The Idaho Sage-Steppe Mitigation Principles provide generalized standards to govern

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