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Columbia Oregonian

ESA Status: Under Review

The Columbian Oregonian (Cryptomastix hendersoni) is a terrestrial snail found in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho from the Columbia River Gorge to the Hells Canyon area and along the Yakima River. The snail lives in riparian areas on rocks and herbaceous vegetation along seeps and spring-fed streams. The Columbia Oregonian heavily depends on persistent moisture in its habitat.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) released a 90-Day Finding in 2011 after receiving a petition to list the snail on the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The USFWS found substantial information in the petition to indicate the listing of the Columbia Oregonian on the ESA. The main threats identified to the Columbia Oregonian include habitat and range destruction, modification, and curtailment as a result of water diversion and impoundment, groundwater withdrawal, grazing, and logging.

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Species Profile for Columbia Oregonian – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Columbia Oregonian Snail
Photo Credit: USDA Forest Service Region 6, USDI BLM, Oregon and Washington (Interagency Special Status and Sensitive Species Program)
Columbia Oregonian Range
Map Credit: Idaho Department of Fish and Game
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