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Wolf Conflict Funding

Wolf Depredation Compensation

The Office of Species Conservation is accepting applications for wolf depredation compensation due to loss. $94,060 is available to livestock producers for verified losses (confirmed kills that have been verified by Wildlife Services) due to wolves during the 2022 calendar year. Probable kills are not eligible for funding. The deadline for compensation applications is December 30, 2022. See our announcement and application form linked below for more detailed information.

For additional information contact Joshua Uriarte

Wolf Depredation Prevention

The Office of Species Conservation is not yet accepting proposals for the 2023 grazing season for producers interested in funding for proactive, preventative measures such as hiring range riders, building temporary pens, installing fladry, fox lights, etc. OSC recognizes that each livestock operation is different and has its own set of challenges. An announcement with the total funds available and how to apply for funds for 2023 will be coming out this fall.

For additional information contact Jace Hogg


Idaho Wolf Depredation Compensation and Prevention Announcement
Idaho Wolf Depredation Compensation Form
Idaho Wolf Depredation Prevention Form
W9/Direct Deposit/Remittance Authorization Form

Wolf Running
Gray Wolf
Photo Credit: Idaho Department of Fish and Game
man on horse overlooks herd of cattle
Range Rider Oversees Cattle
Photo Credit: Conservation Northwest
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