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Idaho Roadless Rule Commission

Mission Statement
To ensure that the spirit and intent of the Idaho Roadless Rule is implemented in the state of Idaho.

The Roadless Commission reviews, analyzes, and provides recommendations on proposed projects slated to occur within Idaho Roadless Areas. The Commission also provides general policy guidance on proper implementation of the Rule across Idaho’s 9.3 million acres of roadless. Click here to learn more about the 2008 Idaho Roadless Rule, and click here to learn about the national 2001 Roadless Rule.

The Idaho Roadless Rule Implementation Commission was created by Executive Order # 2006-43 and codified in Idaho Code Section 67- 826 as amended in 2020. The members of the commission are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Governor. Commissioners are appointed in staggered terms of from two to five-year terms. The commission is composed of nine to twelve members.

Major duties and responsibilities of the commission are to coordinate with the US Forest Service and advise on projects, plans, and policies occurring within or affecting Idaho Roadless Areas, as defined in 36 CFR 294.21. As a part of its role the commission advises on activities related to shared stewardship, Good Neighbor Authority, forest health, and the protection of communities at risk from wildfire within and adjacent to Idaho Roadless Areas.

Members of the commission include representatives from industry, conservation, state, tribal and local leaders, as well as other stakeholders. Specific members are listed below:

  • Dan Dinning – Participated in Rule Development
  • Brad Gilbert – Retired – Dispersed Recreation
  • Bill Higgins – Idaho Forest Group – Timber Interests
  • Jonathan Oppenheimer – Idaho Conservation League – Conservation Interests
  • Jim Caswell – Chair – Public at Large
  • Michael Gibson – Trout Unlimited – Conservation Interests
  • Alan Prouty – Simplot – Mining Interests
  • Pete Stegner – Riley Stegner and Associates – Timber Interests
  • Mike Hanna – Retired – Motorized Recreation
  • Blair Dance – Fremont County Commissioner
  • Elt Hasbrouck – Valley County Commissioner
  • Dale Harris – Ex Officio to the Chair

Public Comment

To submit written comments to the Idaho Roadless Rule Commission, email or Commission Chair James Caswell  All written comments will be forwarded to the commission.

Daniel Bertram, 2020
Daniel Bertram, 2020
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