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Columbia Basin Collaborative

Four State Agreement

The states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana signed an agreement in October 2020 to work together and with others in the region, including federal partners, co-manager tribes, and interested stakeholders, to define a future collaborative framework to rebuild salmon and steelhead stocks and advance the goals of the Columbia Basin Partnership Task Force (CBPTF).

Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose captures the vision for the Columbia Basin Collaborative.

Columbia Basin Collaborative Process Diagram
The process diagram shows the overall process structure proposed for the Columbia Basin Collaborative.

Integration/Recommendation Group and Topic-specific Work Groups Participation
This document provides an overview of ways the states, tribes, federal agencies, and stakeholders can participate in the Columbia Basin Collaborative’s Integration/Recommendations Group and Topic-specific Work Groups. It also details the membership criteria and selection process for each group. We hope this is helpful as you consider putting forward nominations.

Integration/Recommendation Group Participant List
We are pleased to share that the Four State Representatives have convened the Integration/Recommendations Group, and the roster can be found here. A kick-off meeting was held on Tuesday, November 30th. More information can be found below.

On behalf of the four state representatives, thank you to everyone who expressed interest in this collaborative effort. We encourage everyone to stay involved by viewing the I/RG meetings and materials and caucusing with your sector and its representatives to provide you feedback. Once convened, the I/RG will discuss and determine which working groups are needed, put out a call for membership and finalize the membership of the working groups. The specific ways for providing input will be further developed, as well.

Integration/Recommendation Group Kick-off

The Columbia Basin Collaborative (CBC) Integration/Recommendation Group (I/RG) held its first meeting on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 from 9am – 2:30pm PT/ 10am – 3:30pm MT via Zoom webinar. This meeting was intended for members of the I/RG and was open to the public, with an opportunity for public comment, feedback, or input. Below please find the meeting materials:

Agenda, Materials, and Webinar Meeting Information

For any specific questions regarding the goals and objectives of the CBC please contact: Mike Edmondson ( (Idaho), Guy Norman ( (Washington), Jim McKenna (, or Mike Milburn ( ) (Montana) in advance of the meeting. Feel free to contact Samantha Meysohn ( with any questions regarding the meeting logistics. Please reach out to Liz Mack ( with any questions regarding process.

Columbia Basin Collaborative Organizational Workshop Part 2

Thank you to those who participated at the June 10th Columbia Basin Collaborative Organizational Workshop Part 2 held via Zoom Webinar from 12:00pm – 3:00pm PT/ 1:00pm – 4:00pm MT.

Representatives from the four states have considered the input offered at the February 24th, 2021 CBC Workshop Part 1 and have developed a collaborative framework and approach for moving forward. At the June 10th CBC Workshop, the representatives shared information regarding:

  • The CBC process structure including a high-level process diagram and proposed charter
  • Topics to address and seating the various groups and teams
  • Next steps including workflow, timing, and funding

The four state representatives appreciated hearing your input and feedback at the CBC workshop along with learning about how you would like to engage in the process.

Agenda, Materials, and Webinar Meeting Information

YouTube Livestream

To view a recording of the Workshop, please visit this YouTube link:

Columbia Basin Collaborative Organizational Workshop Part 1

Thank you to those who participated at the February 24th 2021 Columbia Basin Collaborative Organizational Workshop held via Zoom Webinar from 9:00am – 12:00pm PT/ 10:00am – 1:00pm MT.

Over recent months, representatives from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana have worked with a number of regional partners to develop a proposed purpose, approach, and process design for a Columbia Basin Collaborative. At the CBC Organizational Workshop, the representatives from the four states presented this information and heard participants’ diverse range of perspectives on a variety of topics including:

  • High level presentation of the Statement of Purpose
  • Proposed process approach including potential issues to address, proposed participation, and anticipated work flow
  • Opportunity for input and feedback to the CBC process design efforts
Agenda, Materials, and Webinar Meeting Information
YouTube Livestream

To view a recording of the Workshop, please visit this YouTube link:

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