Governor Little appoints Mike Edmondson as OSC Administrator

Governor Brad Little announced on Monday, May 24, 2021 that Mike Edmondson will take over as administrator of the Governor’s Office of Species Conservation (OSC). Edmonson has been serving as interim administrator since August of 2020.

“Mike Edmondson has a long history of working with landowners and industry to ensure that Idaho works to conserve and recover species while our economy remains vibrant. He has a proven track record in natural resource policy, and he was instrumental in leading my Salmon Workgroup. I am confident he will carry over that leadership and collaborative spirit into his new role as OSC administrator,” Governor Little said.

As administrator, a significant focus for Edmondson will be working with state and federal partners on Greater Sage Grouse conservation while ensuring that federal overreach is avoided. He will also implement recommendations of the Governor’s Salmon Workgroup.

Edmondson’s position as administrator is effective as of May 24, 2021. A link to the full announcement can be found here.