Sage Grouse Actions Team RFP’s Available

Applications for the upcoming FY22 season of Actions Team funding are now available. Applications are due by May 3rd, 2021. Priorities for funding include helping equip RFPAs to improve fire suppression capabilities, build strategic fuel breaks to slow the spread of wildfire, restore areas that have been degraded by wildfire from encroached juniper trees and annual grasses, restore and improve brood rearing habitat, and enhance the monitoring of sage grouse activity.

Preventing Wildfire in Sagebrush Country

Invasive grasses are threatening sagebrush country. Cheatgrass in Sagebrush Country Video: learn about increased wildfire risks, and do your part this summer to protect this important ecosystem.

OSC featured in Life on the Range

A new Life on the Range video from the Idaho Rangeland Resources Commission features two Beaver Dam Analogue (BDA) installation projects.
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