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Governor’s Salmon Workgroup

In April of 2019, Governor Brad Little tasked his Office of Species Conservation with establishing a workgroup dedicated to addressing salmon and steelhead issues. The purpose of the Governor’s Salmon Workgroup is to bring together a diverse set of stakeholders to collaboratively develop a unified policy recommendation for Governor Little to assist him as he shapes Idaho’s policy on salmon and steelhead recovery.

“Idaho has shown time after time that we are a leader in collaborative conservation efforts. I look forward to receiving the policy recommendations from my Salmon Workgroup. Together we will develop effective salmon and steelhead policy for Idaho to ensure that abundant and sustainable populations of salmon and steelhead exist for present and future generations to enjoy.”

Governor Brad Little
Sockeye Roundup, Sept. 2013
Sockeye Roundup, Sept. 2013

The workgroup will host several meetings throughout Idaho to provide opportunities to share perspectives on salmon and steelhead recovery. Information about upcoming meetings will be announced as they are scheduled.

The workgroup brings together leaders in our community to develop Idaho-based, innovative approaches to Idaho salmon and steelhead policy. Workgroup members include representatives from industry, conservation, sportsmen, state and local leaders, and other stakeholders. Specific representatives include:

  • Brian Brooks – Idaho Wildlife Federation
  • Paul Arrington – Idaho Water Users Association
  • John Simpson – Barker Rosholt & Simpson LLP
  • Brett Dumas – Idaho Power
  • David Doeringsfeld – Port of Lewiston
  • Will Hart – Idaho Consumer Owned Utilities Association
  • Scott Hauser – Upper Snake River Tribes Foundation
  • Chad Colter – Shoshone-Bannock Tribes
  • Jim Yost – Northwest Power and Conservation Council
  • Joe Oatman – Nez Perce Tribe
  • Kira Finkler – Trout Unlimited
  • Justin Hayes – Idaho Conservation League
  • Mark Menlove – The Nature Conservancy
  • Stacey Satterlee – Idaho Grain Producers
  • Senator Dan Johnson – Pro-Temp designee, Idaho State Senate
  • Representative Fred Wood – Speaker designee, Idaho House of Representatives
  • Richard Scully – Sportsman
  • Aaron Lieberman – Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association
  • Roy Akins – Idaho River Community Alliance
  • Merrill Beyeler – Former State Representative/Rancher
  • Scott Pugrud – Office of Species Conservation
Big Timber Creek, Lemhi River Tributary
Big Timber Creek, Lemhi River Tributary

Workgroup Meeting Information and Presentations

Governor’s Salmon Workgroup Meeting in Boise, Idaho – 6/28/19 Agenda 
Meeting Notes:
  • No handouts for meeting on 6/28/19
Governor’s Salmon Workgroup Meeting in Salmon, Idaho – 7/30/2019 – 7/31/2019  Agenda
Habitat Funding Panel:
Habitat Restoration Panel:
Meeting Notes:
Governor’s Salmon Workgroup Meeting in Lewiston, Idaho – 9/20/19 Agenda

Upcoming Meetings

  • Twin Falls, Idaho – 10/29/19 – 10/30/19
  • Boise, Idaho – 11/19/19

Media Advisories

Public Comment

To submit written comments to the Governor’s Salmon Workgroup, email All written comments will be forwarded to the workgroup.

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